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What next?

This website is the first step on the journey.  As we learn more and get feedback, we will add more ideas for actions and benefits to help everybody achieve the 6 principles of Green Street and planet-friendly shopping.

The next stage is to practice one of the Green Street principles – sharing what we learn.

We are going to take a group of 30 pioneering retailers to implement the Green Street 6 principles in their businesses. A group of larger retailers in the UK (whose names we can announce soon ) are keen to support our Green Street pioneers so that we can all learn from what they have been doing and all get greener together quicker.

We will share both the things which work, and also those that don’t.  We will be measuring the financial benefits to our Green Street pioneers of making the changes. We will also let Government know where their policies just aren’t working for smaller retailers and things that would be helpful to change.

Most importantly we will get customer feedback on the changes and things that they would like to see.

We are just setting this up all up now.  Soon we will be updating this website with progress  and the chance to invite others to be kept informed of progress or to become a pioneer – so do keep visiting and coming back.

In the meantime please listen to this podcast recorded by the James Lowman of Association of Convenience Stores with guests Victoria Robertshaw and Richard Pennycook from the Retail Sector Council and Sam Luxe who is net zero policy advisor in the Government talking about what support there is and what shops can do to become more sustainable.