Sustainable Christmas tips


Christmas is often a season of excess, and sustainability is the last thing on we think of!

Did you know: Christmas accounts for as much as 5.5% of our total annual carbon footprint?

Here are a few tips for how to have a more sustainable Christmas, without reducing the fun!

First up: the tree. If your tree is plastic then it cannot go in your normal bin, instead, take it to a local recycling site. Even better, reuse it!

For real Christmas trees, here are a few tips:

🎄 Replant your potted Christmas tree in a garden to give it a new lease of life. You could also add bird feeders to provide shelter for wildlife.

🎄 Drop your tree off at a recycling centre where it can be turned into chippings for paths or turned into soil.

🎄 Check with your local council to see if there’s a special collection service.

🎄 Look for an organisation or charity that offers a ‘treecyling’ service where it could be used to build effective flood barriers in communities around the UK.

It’s not all about the tree though! There are lots more small changes that add up to a huge impact…

  • Eat your leftovers, and compost what you can.
  • Choose only recycled paper for wrapping gifts, or reuse gift bags or boxes.
  • Be laser focused on recycling: paper, cards, drinks bottles, jars etc. Make that recycled waste bin the heaviest it has ever been.
  • Avoid plastic packaging where possible. Buy loose vegetables, and use a zero-waste shop for your snacks and baking ingredients.
  • Consider a vegetarian Christmas dinner, or buy a smaller joint and fill up with more vegetables. Meat farming has a huge impact on the planet.

How many of these actions can you commit to this Christmas time?


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