Scrapping single-use plastics


The UK government announced this week that single-use food packaging items such as cutlery, plates and trays will be banned in England.  This follows similar moves already made by the EU, Wales and Scotland.

Details, including when the ban will come into effect, are still light. A full report is expected to be released on January 14th. This latest measure doesn’t cover items found in supermarkets or shops, which the government has said it will address by other means.

At Green Street, we’re celebrating this as a first positive step, while also appreciating that there’s a long way to go!

So, what are the alternatives?

Compostable packaging is frequently seen in supermarkets and cafes. Is this the answer?

Unfortunately, there are several issues:

  • A lack of infrastructure for compostable packaging means that all too often the packaging is treated as general waste
  • Compostable packaging is often thrown into recycling bins, meaning that compostables often end up in the wrong waste streams
  • England may decide to follow the EU to implement further restrictions on single-use waste, banning compostable packaging

Avoiding single-use altogether is the only effective way to tackle the single-use waste problem. That’s why we’re excited about our reusable packaging project that’s coming soon!

Our aim is simple: to cut waste from takeaway food and drink packaging, by promoting reusable alternatives, saving businesses money, and protecting the environment too. Win, win!

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