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Interview with Zane, from Cafe Liza

Cafe Lisa

Some background:

Cafe Liza is a very open, inviting space with a real sense of community spirit. Owner Zane met her partner whilst working in a primary school. It was her dream to run a cafe where people can chat and read and feel at home. Bringing people together is what Zane loves. Anyone visiting the cafe can see that she really cares about the social impact of the business. 

Green Street carried out a full sustainability review for Cafe Liza in 2022. The cafe itself didn’t save any money but the process prompted the landlord and building owners to get new lights with a more sustainable output, saving them some money. The team is confident that by continuing to work with Green Street, the cafe will be able to see other savings and improvements. 

The process has encouraged the Cafe Liza team to think about the environment more, by lowering wastage, and prepping fresh food but not over-prepping. 


Share your experiences of working with Green Street

“We’re very happy with the service and the support! Green Street has been on top of everything, consistent, and always looking to improve. Exploring other options such as the new reusable cups scheme is great to see and be kept in mind for future initiatives has been great. We’re really happy with contact time too.”

What advice would you give to other businesses wanting to go greener? 

“People need to see what effect being greener makes at the source! If you look after Mother Nature, Mother Nature looks after you. 

Growing up we had a plot of land. Mum would be gardening and tell me that the earth needs a rest once we’ve used up a crop and we’d move to a different area. We need to look after the earth in the same way. Whatever we do as a business affects us and the world around us. Little things really matter!

Swapping cups is a really simple swap, fresh prep to minimise food waste, and no waste is the way to go and it all helps me sleep at night. Plastic is not always bad in the sense that if you reuse it again and again and then recycle it, it’s not having the same impact as single use.

Being part of the scheme has been no extra effort whatsoever, Green Street checks in regularly and make sure that the businesses are happy. The turnaround is quick, the follow-up really shows that things are happening and then we see them changing right in front of my eyes! 

Being more eco-friendly can be expensive, but if you are a small business, just take little steps. Do your research – Green Street can help you with this. Think about what sustainable options you can afford short term and go from there. Find a company that can accommodate smaller amounts if needed, it’s worth it for the environment and your business reputation.”

Tips for businesses in Bradford in general

“The biggest thing is to try and make a difference. Go with your heart, don’t follow the crowd. If you follow your heart then you will be happy in what you do.”


Thanks for speaking to us, Zane! We can’t wait to roll out our ‘Borrow* Bradford’ scheme with you!


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