Green Street Newcastle Programme Extended Until March 2025

We are delighted to share that the Green Street Newcastle Pioneer Programme has been extended until March 2025, meaning we can support an additional 15 businesses in the East End Newcastle area to make greener choices and expand our reach to new locations such as Adelaide Terrace.

The enthusiasm and interest from businesses in Newcastle’s East End has been inspiring, and we are excited to continue growing our impact in this vibrant community. Our mission to promote sustainable practices and foster a greener high street is stronger than ever, and we can’t wait to bring more businesses on this journey.

As part of the extension, we will provide comprehensive support to the new businesses joining our programme. This includes personalised sustainability consultations, a clear action plan with next steps to take, and a network of like-minded businesses to share best practice and collaborate with.

Our current Green Street Newcastle pioneers have already experienced the benefits of this programme. Jess from Curvy Sounds shared her journey:

“It’s been amazing being involved with Green Street because they’ve really made us think about how we’re running the place, how we can make the business more green and improve on that. Especially in these difficult financial times, Green Street has provided a real sense of support because it can get quite lonely. Being a sole trader, you don’t tend to talk to other businesses very much, and to have that communication and sense of hope that you are all trying to do something for the planet has been really positive. The experience has been really encouraging and really lovely; we’ve enjoyed every second of it!”

Jess’s experience highlights the sense of community and support that Green Street fosters, especially during challenging times. We are proud to offer not just environmental benefits, but also a network of solidarity among local businesses.

The extended programme will bring new opportunities for collaboration and innovation in sustainable businesses. Businesses in the East End can look forward to savings on operational costs with help from a £1000 grant while contributing to a cleaner, greener Newcastle.

Stay tuned with our Green Street website. for more updates as we continue to roll out our expanded programme.


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