Green Street awarded GMCA innovation funding to take Borrow returnable cup scheme to Manchester

At Green Street HQ, we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve been awarded GMCA innovation funding to bring our Borrow* returnable cup scheme to Manchester.

We’re teaming up with the Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) to launch the scheme in the vibrant Northern Quarter and Ancoats areas, known for their coffee culture. We can’t wait to get started and make a positive impact on the environment and local businesses.

The Borrow* scheme aims to cut waste from single use coffee cups by introducing a convenient and cost effective returnable cup alternative. This initiative not only helps the environment but also saves businesses money on packaging costs. In our original Bradford pilot, the best performing business converted 71% of takeaway drinks into Borrow* cups, saving over £200 per month on packaging!

Our research in Manchester shows strong local support for this initiative. A whopping 68% of Manchester consumers expressed their desire to reduce their use of single use packaging. 

Local businesses in the Northern Quarter and Ancoats are also eager to join the Borrow* scheme. Daisy, supervisor at Ancoats Coffee Co., shared that “On a personal note, I think we have a duty to do better. I’d love to reduce waste across the business and I think every independent coffee shop should be on board.”

Similarly, TAKK’s supervisor emphasised the importance of collective action and community spirit: “Borrow* sounds really affordable and it’d be ace to bring the hospitality community together for the same cause. I’ve just moved over from Berlin and there are so many schemes there that work well. I was shocked that Manchester is so far behind.”

The Borrow* scheme is a win-win for everyone involved. By adopting returnable cups, businesses will see significant savings on packaging costs while contributing to a cleaner, greener Manchester. With the support of the GMCA and the enthusiasm of local businesses, we’re confident that the Northern Quarter and Ancoats will lead the way in sustainable coffee consumption across Greater Manchester.

Stay tuned for more updates as we roll out this innovative scheme. For more information on the scheme and in depth updates, visit our Borrow website. 


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