6 weeks to go! Making the most of Christmas for your business and the planet

This year many customers will have less to spend as they struggle with cost of living increases, so more than ever businesses need to make it easy for customers to shop and dine with them and enjoy the festive season.  During our reviews we have seen many local, upcycled and seasonal products which would make the perfect Christmas gifts for customers as well as be better for the environment. 

Here are 10 helpful hints and tips to help you make the most of Christmas for you and the planet:


1. Highlight local products in the store or on your menu so customers feel good about buying something more individual and that has travelled fewer miles.


2. Tell the stories behind your local products so people know why you stock them and why they should buy or try them.


3. Make a price-based display of goods, such as a ‘£10 or less’ table or a price point relevant to your business.  It’s a great way to gain attention and make it easier for customers to shop.


4. Give customers the confidence to buy from you by making it easy to return or exchange products such as unwanted gifts and make your policy visible for everyone to see.


5. Highlight new seasonal menus and products. Customers always love to try something new – a well-priced, locally-made mince pie can be difficult to resist with a morning coffee.


6. Use social media to post videos and images; 63% of people spend more than 3 hours a day online and it is your second shop window.


7. Make sure you have gift vouchers available to buy at the till and encourage your team to promote them, so customers can buy gifts that will be enjoyed in the New Year.  Consider whether you could have vouchers for an experience as well as those for a monetary value.


8. Don’t over package your products; customers don’t like single use plastic so avoid it if you can and save the business money at the same time. 


9. Say thank you and encourage sales in January. Give customers a voucher as a thank you when they shop with you in December which can be used in January 2024 – our experience has shown that £5 off a £30 spend or a free item in the New Year are popular enticements.


10. Don’t forget your team. December can often mean long hours and making team members feel appreciated with a thoughtful gift to show your thanks can make all the difference. Perhaps you could do a deal with other local businesses to exchange vouchers.


Got any other festive business ideas you’d like to share? Drop us a comment on social media or tag us in a post sharing your top tips using @__greenstreet


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